Christmas Survey: What do you think of Christmas?

Here is a summary of replies:

Everyone who replied celebrates Christmas.  Everyone, except one person, likes Christmas.  Those who replied like seeing family and friends the most.  Getting presents is second favourite.  Eating nice food and decorating the Christmas tree are next, and Christmas shopping is after that.  The least favourite thing about Christmas is writing Christmas cards.

Just over half of those who replied, had things they do not like about Christmas.  These were things like the weather, taking down the Christmas tree and feeling sorry for people living on the streets - the homeless.

A big THANK YOU to all who replied.

3 commentaires:

  1. I enjoy the christmas holidays, staying together with my big family. I think it´s a very important traditional festival and of course I like it because I receive lots of gifts.

  2. I like christmas because of all the gifts and the very big meal, I also like to be with my family, and I really like to dance a round the christmastree!

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