Nonsense stories from word of the week...

As we have so many good words of the week, the competition has been extended.  

It is very difficult to decide on one word so this week we have seven words of the week.  

This has led to a new challenge
to write a story using the words of the week in as few sentences as possible using as many of the words of the week as possible.  We experimented in class and found that it is possible to write silly stories using words from word of the week.

Here is our very first written story, based on a story sent in by Mr Chang (formerly Y) which we worked on together in class.
On Monday, I heard on the radio that a mad politician was desperate. One day, his friend told the politician that his favourite animal, the moray eel, wanted to eat him.  He quaked but it was ironic that he ate the moray eel first. It was not his destiny to live in harmony.......

A Moray Eel

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