Word of the Week

Word of the Term

Teachers at Luxembourg 2 have voted for their favourite word of the week for this term....and the winning word is:


Congratulations to Percy.


14th June
Word of the Week
This is our very last word of the week.
This week's words are:
politely, owl, warrior cats, squirrel (yet again), capital, husband, mob, amputation, hero, totem, heelys, wheels, liberty, grill wurst, prehistoric past, forest, rollerblades, mimic, independent, opportunity, traffic chaos, over, miner, cheater, adoption, bell, oblivion, oblivious, accurate, clone
Our winning words are:
traffic chaos
6th June 2013
Word of the Week

This week's words are:

summer, clap, culture, sword, diamond, serial killer, count, butter, gold, emeralds, diamonds, skeleton, murder, skipper, secrets, moustache, football-tournament, scruffy, wimpy, diary, loveable, unsinkable, clock, colder, surprise.

This week's winners are:

serial killer

Word of the week for 30th May

This week's words are:

continent, gentleman, beagle, calendar, moon, education, hoop, dreams, big foot, strong, movie, critical, nuclear, squirrel, everywhere, gala party, invitation, absolute, powerful, coffin

This week's winners are:

big foot

Big Foot - the famous yeti

Word of the week for 16th May

The week's words are:

planet, computer, football legend, humps, justice, blue sky, unliveable, strike, skill, illustrated, hammer, exploding TNT, server, natural craft, skipper, fright, interesting, melancholy, knots, interesting, Pentecost, extreme, minor, Bobly was here (?) and Xtreme art.

The winners are:







Congratulations to our winners. 

Thank you to everyone who participated.

In English he's got the hump is an expression for someone's very grumpy or in a bad mood about something.

A joke: What do you get if you drop a piano down a mineshaft?
A flat minor!

minor - minor key in music or unimportant
miner - someone who digs for coal, diamonds or gold etc in a mine

Word of the week for 9th May 2013
Ascension Day

This week's words are:
witchcraft, crumbling, inhale, exhale, apocalypse, award, crafting table, emotion, star, inventor, psychology, hand grenade, politics, slender, magnificent, tentacles, bodyparts, cuteness, TNT, imagination, throne, abdicate, weather, machine, security, supernatural....

This week's winning words are:
exhale, apocalypse, abdicate, bodyparts and supernatural

2nd May 2013
Word of the Week

This week's words entered into our competition are:

favour, minor, fear, enemy, dark, stone, intelligent, majestic, premonition, unlimited, deadline, earphone, generally, bone meal, surname, revision, Oxford, trouble, tight, exam, shelter, clubhouse, absolution, password, subliminal, energy, geography, dentist and calculator.

Again there are lots of lovely words to choose from, well done everybody.

This week's winners are:

absolution, subliminal, premonition, majestic, stone and unlimited.

Wishing everyone a Happy Greek Orthodox Easter.

25th April 2013
It's the word of the week competition.

This week's submissions were:

features, dictionary, reports, irresistible, alien, monster, fingertips, archaeologist, waterfall, international, Shakespeare, opera, philanthropy, bomb, hand, explosion, museum, scout camp, suitcase, steal, play and rollercoaster.

It's difficult to choose from so many wonderful words...well done to everyone who submitted a word.  

This week everyone who submitted a word will get a reward STICKER!!!!  

However, the winning words are:

(researched from Newsround on CBBC I think?)


 Shakespeare play 
(as we're watching an episode of Dr Who - see our main page - who travels back in time to meet Shakespeare!)




18th April 2013
Word of the week

This week's words are:

kitchen, worktop, ingredients, teenager, birthday, vampire, wolf, without you, skillful, maverick, calendar, comet, oxygen, blackout, deadly, serious, sofa, melody, fantasy, halitosis, insight, gingivitis, drum kit, academy, bargain, disgusting, resume, leaving, gunpowder

 A sofa

The winning words are:

oxygen, gunpowder, blackout, vampire, halitosis and maverick

An oxygen tank

The vampire maverick with halitosis mixed oxygen and gunpowder by mistake and lit a match......BLACKOUT!

11th April 2013
Today is word of the week

This week's words are:

Remote control, screen, Call of Duty, Black Ops, Navajo, means, mountain, Iron Lady, spiky, vanish, challenge, courage, asymmetric, lucky, expensive, reconstructed, galaxy, constellation, bomb, atomic, airport, sky, terracotta, terracotta warriors, big blast, thoughtful, London, cake, computer, bullied, crisis.

Margaret Thatcher
The 'iron lady'
Rust in peace

This week's winning words are:

Iron Lady

21st March 2013

Happy Spring Equinox (when day and night are of equal length - which was yesterday, 20th March)

Word of the week

award, title, hygiene, barrel, glass, can, sarcastic, moonlight, Easter, epic fail, fool's day, scream, recipe, gingerbread, cookie cutter, mushrooms, theory, moonlight, human rights, lucky, sky, wild, captain, trouble, rainbow, wolf, angry, diet, shouted, candlestick, none

This week's winners are:


cookie cutter

14th March 2013
This week's words are:

reading of the will, court, cinema screen, blizzard, Great Fire, all alone, terrible Mary, killer, subtitle, puffer fish, concentrate, sky fall, shock, disgusting, rainbow, snow, charity, alphabet, curiosity, marvellous, unconstitutional, gossip, ogre, gears, normally, freezing, wonderful, amazing, statue, baby voice, invisible, beware, fascinating, politely, sparking.

The winning words are:

cinema screen

7th March 2013

This week's words are:

imagination, driver's licence, ambitious, triumphant, jungle tree, the Titanic, saucepan, the 'Poltergoose' - from a novel by Michael Lawrence who also wrote the 'Killer Underpants', independant, kingdom, increasing, crossbow, underpants, earthquake, turf, trench, waiting, staring, volcanic eruption and tortoise.


Today's winners are...imagination, triumphant, saucepan, crossbow, turf, tortoise and trench.

Soldiers in a trench at Galipoli in World War 1

28th February 2013

This week's entries are:

zinc, pants, time machine, jewellery, Titanic, theatre, crew, investigate, caterpillar, sword, butterflyfish, drum set, guitar, sacrifice, engine, Easter egg, circus, magnificent, gorgeous, April Fool's Day, stapler, fairy tales, sarcastic, digging, memory, star ship, far away, comparing, and once upon a time.

... this week's winners are:
engine, Easter egg, pants, guitar and sacrifice.

A bestseller, that is shortly coming to our class library...

Coming soon...

Available in our class library

Coming soon to our class library...

21st February 2013

This week's words are:

charismatic, generous, plaque, government, antiquity, far far away, goblin, Easter, mining, sinking, survivor, enormous, dangerous, colourful, intelligent, blue sea, kindness, fashionable, logo, outside, spaceship, bright, stage, butterflyfish, titanium, sting, moray, angel shark, creatures, sea light fish, scuba diving, snorkelling, sea stars, king of sharks.

An angel shark

We're studying sea creatures so there is a definite sea life theme to this week's words.  However, the winning words must not be from our course book.  This is one of our rules.  Therefore, the words of the week are:

charismatic, plaque, government, antiquity, goblin and mining.

 A friendly goblin

Thank you to everyone who brought in some words

7th February 2013
It's Carnival!

This week's entries were:  
co-operation, trustful, aquarium, glitch, search, carnival costume, pistols, dollar, chain, Yankees' cap, costume, carnival, jade and gun control.

The winners are:
carnival, trustful, glitch, dollar and gun control.

A glitch is a little error or tiny mistake which is easily fixed and sometimes not noticed.

Happy Carnival...
In the UK people eat pancakes with lemon juice and sugar on Shrove Tuesday (Mardi Gras).  Traditionally this was to use up ingredients before the time of fasting called Lent.
Here is an English style pancake...

Today in class we ate some Belgian pancakes as they are similar but not quite the same as English pancakes. 

Word of the week for 31st January

This week's words:

lawyer, sunrise, moon rise, apron, delicious, dragon spirit, hearties, Jack Frost, fish, banana, Dickens, faith, lucky, detective, review, candlestick, Westminster Clock Tower, St Paul's Cathedral, poisonous, creatures, intelligent, colourful, solar system, planets, festival, pancake, William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet, triplets, Big Ben, telephone box, London, sunshine, driver's licence and dictionary.

to everyone who entered such lovely words this week.

Dragon spirit

A reminder of the rules: words must be from your own reading of English in magazines, newspapers or novels, either online or in print, from games, pop songs or English television. 

moon rise

The winning words are:
triplets, faith, Jack Frost, dragon spirit, moon rise and lawyer.

Jack Frost

Word of the week for 24th January

This week's words:

waterproof, create, morse code, pronouns, majestic, edition, leaves, assassin, ranger, female, male, 'Little Miss Sunshine', miracle and friendship.

The winners are...
create, morse code, edition, waterproof, friendship and majestic

Waterproof boots

With a big thank you to Mrs Bullock who helped Mrs Thorogood choose the words this week. 

It's Word of the Week - 17th January 2013

This week's entries are:

mysterious, news time, breakaway, waste food, historical, enthusiastic, breakaway, kingdom, colour, squirrel, 

bow and arrow,



 fantastic, emergency, 


A Bald Eagle in flight

 harbour and awesomeness...

Mysterious, Squirrel and awesomeness were also previously entered.

This week's winners are........

harbour, bow and arrow, flight, waste food and beehive.

Welcome to Word of the Week - 10th January 2013.

It's our first competition in 2013.

This week's entries were:

A jack in a box

Joker, Jack in the box, once upon a time, spotty, scary, 
some mozzarella cheese (we've been learning when to use 'some' and when to use 'a' or 'an')

embarrassing, smoking jacket, strategic, anxious, studio, protests, bullying, New Year and rainbow.


This week's word is 


and finally here is some mozzarella cheese......

Mozzarella cheese with tomatoes, garlic and basil

This week's entries were:
subway, mysterious, phenomenon, penguin, North Pole, equinox, tea, Oscar, serene, presents, popular, transatlantic, arctic, telegraph, Santa, horrible, flipper game, unconscious, Christmas Carol, united, universe, assassins, jaws, especially, boring, Christmas tree with stars, price, claw, a second helping, minecraft and pollution.  

 It's so hard to choose from so many lovely words.  It's snowing in Luxembourg and there is a wintery, Christmasy theme to some of this week's words.

Next week year 5 go skiing so this is the last word of the week competition in 2012.

The winners are:

tea for its Englishness
serene as it reminds me of a calm sea
'a second helping' as it's from Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens
Christmas carol

From the Christmas special of a popular television series:  Dr Who


Welcome to 'Word of the Week'
This week's entries are:

 post, republic, imagination, steal, exhausted, Minecraft, epic, special needs, ceasefire, to hang, sleek, pendulum, dungeon, trapped, teenage, dream, annoying, centipede, bongo drums, xylophone, dirt ball, carnival, unconstitutional, antiquity


'shine bright like a diamond'.

This week's winners are:

bongo drums 
  because it is fun to say

  because it's a cool word



 because it was researched from Newsround on the cbbc website



Here is a web link to a video of a Scottish castle with a bottle dungeon and lots of mines and counter-mines, tunnels dug out by invaders.

If they threw you into the bottle dungeon, it was goodbye for ever.  You were trapped because it was shaped like a bottle and there was no way out.

All entries will receive a sticker this week as the words are getting better and better. 

22nd November 2012

It's 'Word of the Week'

Chosen by a panel of judges (Mrs Hurst, Mrs Pearce, Mrs Fitzgerald and myself) this week's words are:






cardboard box

    These words are perfect to be made into a story if anyone wishes to write a story using the words of the week.
Other words entered into the competition: were unenlightened, cupboard, flashcards, dinosaur, lavender, progressive, records, festival, anatomy, police investigation, chiropractic, laboratory, tower, sleek, journalist and t-shirt.

15th November 2012:  Word of the Week

There were lots of lovely words to choose from this week such as: flipper, poverty, annual, antagonism, bacterium, smoked salmon, illusion, impressive, explosion, firework, explore, label, air traffic controller, opera theatre and poems!

However, the winning words are:


Congratulations to M, Nancy and L!

It's Word of the Week!

The winning words for Thursday 8th November were:


Congratulations to ........... Percy!

and a BIG THANK YOU to MRS SPALDING who was our guest judge.


Thursday, 25th October

Welcome to Word of the week

The winning words are:

mayhem (another word for chaos)

aerodynamic (goes through the air well)
cemetery (where you bury your dead)

exhausted (completely tired)

phantom or (ghost)

 and bow tie

Other words were......
.......portal, affinity, carpentry, dictator, devious, devise, revolution, waistcoat, majestic, alligator, imagination, economise, courgettes, dim, draft, extraordinary, kindle, slick, movie, air traffic controller, blackmail, extending, structures, lolipop, hypnotising, ghost town, mouse trap, heavy metal, traces, Europe, Schuman. 

This week we submitted the words anonymously on pieces of paper and they are being announced for the first time on the blog.  Tomorrow Mrs Thorogood will find out WHO's words have won!

Thursday, 18th October

Welcome to Thursday and to our 'Word of the Week' competition and here are this week's words.....

handstand, harmony, community, hatstand, wooden, paranormal, politician, octopus, impossible mission, desperate, weather, psychology, simple, temple, dramatic, ironic, special needs, destiny, haunted mansion, suffering, awful, business, assassin, Milky Way, moray eel, leave, heart, quake and earth, earthquake.

Feeling Halloweeny...here's a haunted mansion (ghostly whooooo)

A very big thank you to everyone who brought in such lovely words.

The winning words were (in no particular order):

harmony by Dragon, politician by Babacar, desperate by Mr Chang, ironic by Nancy, destiny by Dark Spyro, moray eel by Bartimäus previously B
and quake by Percy.

Here's a story writing idea ........

I wonder if anyone can write a mini story using the winning words in as few sentences as possible? 


It's Thursday, which means we have our word of the week competition in class:

This week's winning words are....democracy from Nancy, politics and pumpkin from Percy, lame from L and awesomeness from Catstein Junior.

Well done everybody who brought in words.  So many wonderful words to choose from...

....dodge by Y, cauldron and potion from Flower, Halloween costume from Dark Spyro, hall of fame from Babacar, grieve from M, wierd from T, knife, relentless, not impossible but improbable to quote 'How to Train your Dragon', philosophy from Nancy, Wellingtons from Catstein Junior, masterpiece by M, several from B, ............

Wellington boots
Keep looking out for wonderful new words.......


This week we have a new word of the week...well actually, we have four words of the week as everyone brought in loads of brilliant ideas....

Sarcastic by Wendy, is saying 'oh that's really good' when you mean, as a joke, 'oh that's really bad'.  People often say sarcastic things with a particular tone of voice.  Here is a sarcastic joke about two penguins talking:

Here is another sarcastic joke:  'this is what they must have meant by accommodation close to the beach, he said, as he rolled over onto the sand..........' by David Thorogood

 A dumb waiter brought in by T is....

  ....a lift for food which some restaurants have.  Here is a modern example.

Sheepishly from Babacar means in a guarded way - if someone comes to class not having done their homework, they may well walk sheepishly (slightly shyly, wanting not to be seen and unsure of themselves.)

This person looks sheepish (it's nothing to do with sheep by the way)

Finally, from A, beheaded is a gruesome end to this week's word of the week.  A has been reading 'Horrible Histories' from the class library.  The horrible Tudors (previous rulers, Kings and Queens, of England) had a habit of cutting off their enemies' heads and in the case of Henry VIII, those of his wives.  Here are some titles in the Horrible Histories series of books:

Other words were scorched, blushed, collided, precious, Queen, auction, disabled, fresh, xylophone, lucid, truth, sibling, traces, pay phone, doorbell, entry phone, executive...

This year we are playing word of the week.  We are looking for interesting English words and phrases to write in our vocabulary books and there is a competition to bring in the most interesting word every week.  These words can be from English novels, books, the computer, internet, television...really anywhere.

Here are some of the words that year 5 have found this week:

fairy tale, unicorn, thumb mail, titanium, mermaid, contemporary, secret agent, driving licence, freckles, millionaire, famous, jail, nickname

This week's winner was Flower with 'titanium'.  

Scientific fact:

Titanium is a chemical element, a metal with a silver colour. It very strong and it does not corrode easily.  Corrosion is when is is destroyed as it reacts with the atmosphere.

Titanium was discovered in Great Britain in 1791 and named after the Titans of Greek mythology. 
Titanium can be mixed with other metals and is used for many things from mobile phones to dental implants.  The two most useful properties of the metal form are corrosion resistance and the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any metal.

A popular English language phrase

"When life gives you lemons, make lemonade
is a proverbial phrase used to encourage optimism and a can-do attitude in the face of adversity or misfortune. 

Elbert Hubbard is said to have invented this phrase.  He was an American writer and philosopher who died in 1915.  He described himself as an anarchist and a socialist.

Elbert Hubbard

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